12 Tips for Mastering Property Viewings

12 Tips for Mastering Property Viewings

How to Schedule Viewings effectively and showcase properties successfully.

You have received a viewing request. It could be a request to view a specific listing you posted, or in some cases, clients might give you their requirements and expect you to show some options. What’s next? Here are a few tips that might be helpful when arranging and attending a viewing.

1) Make sure the property is still available and ready

When have you spoken to the owner last? This is why exclusivity is important. If the listing is not exclusive to you, chances are, it could be sold or rented by others anytime. So you have to make sure to call and confirm the availability and accessibility before finalizing the viewing date and time with Clients. Also, check and ensure that the property is clean, odor-free, and ready for viewing.

2) Make sure you have access to the property

Who has the keys? or Is the property occupied? Make sure you have access to the property. If the property is tenanted or occupied by the owner, remind them on the day of the viewing and inform them before leaving for viewing to avoid uncomfortable situations.

3) Finalize, remind, reconfirm and prevent no show

Property is available and accessible. Now you can call your clients to confirm. To avoid no show, create urgency, ask them to be on time, in advance. Remind them on the day of the viewing, and as you leave your office, inform them that you are on your way.

4) Refresh your knowledge

Prepare for the meeting. Refresh your knowledge of the area, the property, overall key selling points, deal process, fees involved, etc. Put yourself in their shoes, what would you want to know and ask the Broker if you were buying that property?

5) Prepare a “take home material”

It easy to forget numbers and details, especially when people are actively searching and viewing options. Make it memorable by providing a Property information sheet along with its floor plan.

6) Send accurate location information

There is nothing worst than sending clients to the wrong door or street. Make sure to send an accurate location map or share directions. You can use a 2GIS map for this purpose, with 3D views, it is a great tool for a Real Estate Broker. Also, know your way well.

7) Be early and ready

Arrive early and prepare for the place. Small details can make a big difference. No matter what time of the day – switch on the lights. Lighting can make a world of difference and create an inviting feeling. The smell of the property plays a big role too, so ensure that the place smells fresh. Dubai has mostly hot and humid air, but you could open the windows if it is winter days.

8) Viewing Process

Conducting Viewing is more than just showing around. This is where and when the actual face to face selling happens. You should never prejudge, but buyers naturally do, so look great, smell great and be professional. Take each viewing seriously; do your best every single time. You never know which one will result in a deal. Here are some viewing process tips:

Meet and greet them by their name, with a smile and a firm handshake (reminder: If you are a male, do not offer to shake hands with women unless they extend their hand first.)

If the property is occupied or furnished, help them visualize the future; “let’s look at this property as if it was vacant” put the mindset in to see past the furniture and decorating and see themselves living there.

As they enter the property, give them a brief introduction and hand them the “take-home material” to help them get a better sense of the layout.

Lead ahead, opening the doors, and give them some space. Take off the sales pressure; “make yourselves at home. I am here just to answer your questions”. When the pressure is off, people feel more comfortable communicating.

Be enthusiastic, observe their reaction, listen, ask, and answer questions. Avoid expressing unsolicited advice and opinion. Focus on helping them buy what matches their requirement, not on selling what you have.

9) Now it’s time to get more details

Hopefully, they will like the property, and it all goes in the offer direction. But if it didn’t, this is the time to have a proper conversation. What did they like or didn’t like? Is there anything you can do to influence their buying decision? Ask as much as you can to find out and figure out what other option could be suitable, also dont forget to double-check on what they have seen already so you dont work on the same options.

10) Have options ready

If you are an area specialist, this task will become easier. But what if they want to see options in another area or you don’t have other matching options? In this case, you could work with other Brokers on an A2A basis. It’s best to show a maximum of three properties in a day. Too many options confuse buyers and delay decision making and just one will give them room to go around to compare.

11) Become their Broker

Appointing a Broker to search for options could save time and hassle at no extra cost to Buyers. If you are sure you can commit to finding them more options, then ask the Buyers to appoint you as their Broker and let you handle the stress. Give them a reasonable time frame. If agreed, you can work as a lead representative Broker and approach other Brokers and Owners, but be quick and attentive. Put yourself in their shoes and commit to your promise.

12) Have a Viewing Strategy

It’s best to create a strategy to use as a guide, so you have a flow and won’t forget anything when planning and conducting viewings.

Who are your clients mainly, End users or Investors? How many options will you show at once? End users usually have an area in mind, and most likely, they will stick to it, and if you have options, you got a deal. Investors, on the other hand, usually open to see any option that will provide high ROI. Of course, the number of options will depend on what you have that matches their requirement, but setting a goal and strategy prepares you.

If you showing more than one property, how you will plan your route? will you show the worst option first and keep the best to the end or best first then worst last? or will you go by the best route so it is convenient to drive around and save time and hassle?

Note: This is your business; you are in charge; own it! How you plan and perform certain tasks is entirely up to you. Viewings are an exciting process; it means you are a step closer to closing a deal. So, enjoy the experience.

We are here to help you with every step of the process, so continue reading. You will find some answers in other New Brokers Training lessons. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, Ask HERE.

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