5 Tips for Handling Property Listing Inquiries

5 Tips for Handling Property Listing Inquiries

Dubai Broker’s guide to Handling Inquiries effectively.

Receiving inquiries is an exciting part of any business; you now get to test your sales skills. Work hard on a smart plan and focus on helping people achieve their purchase goals. Don’t miss any lead and take every call seriously. You never know who is your next buyer unless you give your 100% each time.

1) Respond Quickly and Effectively

Always answer your calls without delay as long as you are not driving or meeting clients. One of the common complaints about Brokers in Dubai is that; the majority don’t respond to calls, and they don’t even call back. Leads are costly opportunities. Maybe you didn’t pay cash for them, maybe your company did, but they cost you your time, your efforts, daily expenses at the minimum.

Everything you did till now, all the hard work was to generate leads, and they are now calling you. Keep in mind that prospects contact multiple brokers so, pick up before your competition. The speed of response to the inquiry is crucial.

If you cannot talk for any reason and have to ignore the call, have a message ready in your notes that you can copy and paste and send to them by WhatsApp, “Hi, Sorry I couldn’t pick up your call. If this is regarding a property listing of mine, feel free to text your questions and what you are looking for in the meantime. I will call you back with answers soonest I can. Thank you! YOUR NAME FROM COMPANY “. By doing so, you will at least let them know you are active and build a bridge to connect with them later when you are free. People commonly don’t remember the names of the broker or their companies they called. They only remember the listing they looked at. By sending a personal message, you are introducing yourself in advance and stand out.

2) Ask the Right Questions

Your job is to help people – You can only help if you know what they need – You can establish their needs by asking the right questions – Not asking is Not caring enough.

  • First, find out who you are talking to. Is it a Buyer/Tenant, Representative, or a Broker; “Are you inquiring for yourself or your client?”
  • Let them explain their needs, Ask open questions; “Could you tell me more, so I can help you better.”
  • Find out what they have seen so far and prevent showing what they have already seen. “What properties have you viewed so far?
  • Find out what they didn’t like in the properties they have seen?
  • What other areas they would consider and why?” This will help you prepare your options for viewing.
  • Are they buying with cash or financing? Do they have the preapproval in place? The majority view properties first to determine what they can afford and then apply for a mortgage within that range. So no preapproval means it might take some time, establish a connection. You can ask if they need help and refer them to banks and mortgage brokers and keep them in your pipeline for when they are ready.

When speaking to tenants:

  • Check if they are eligible and have a residence/employment visa and a checkbook to rent a long term property.
  • Some people start searching a few months before their lease expires, find out when their lease is expiring, and when they are looking to move in? If you can establish that, you can help them with information and send some options and prices. Establish a connection, and follow up close to their moving time.
  • Get their name right, don’t hesitate to clarify, or ask for a spelling.
  • Ask their email, mobile, save on your CRM. If you don’t save your leads, they don’t exist, plus you don’t grow a database.

Ask enough to understand that you are dealing with a direct buyer/tenant and decision-makers, and leave detailed questions for face-to-face meetings, which can be your first viewing.

Some brokers hesitate to ask questions and as a result, they fail to recognize the buyer/tenant needs. Remember, people are calling you because they need your help, If you are confident, have a genuine tone of voice, and a clear purpose, there is no place for hesitation.

3) Listen and take notes.

Listening is the most important of all sales skills. Everyone likes to be listened to, and everyone likes to feel important. Brokers who don’t listen miss the opportunity to build rapport and to recognize buyer needs.

Right questions and active listening is what gives you control, clients feel more comfortable with the Broker when they know that their circumstances and wishes are understood. Practice active listening:

  • Pay Attention, give the client your undivided attention, and acknowledge their message.
  • Use positive body language, build a rapport, non-verbal communication also “speaks” loudly.
  • If the information is not clear, dont assume but clarify by paraphrasing: “What I’m hearing is…… right?” or “What do you mean when you say… .” Summarize the points periodically.
  • Allow them to finish their sentence before asking questions or clarifying.
  • Take notes to retain and recall specific conversational details to keep a conversation progressing in the future, this will help you build a strong database.

4) Be Ready to Answer Questions

Knowledge is power, indeed, the power that will help you close more deals. Knowledge builds enthusiasm, Helps you respond to any objections, Gives you courage and confidence, Gives you the satisfaction of being an expert. What have you learned so far?

  • Do you know everything about your area?
  • Have you seen all property types to be able to describe the difference?
  • Do you know their advantages and disadvantages?
  • How about Market demand? What about Price ranges and differences?
  • Can you explain the deal processes?

When you know the answer to basic questions like these, you don’t have to fear that your client will ask a question you don’t know the answer to. By learning from the very beginning, you can minimize the risk of knowing less than your client, avoid worry, and focus on selling. Take as much as you can from the RERA training. Learn from your colleagues and online. Additionally, go to the “Study” training guide page and use the list of questions provided to test your knowledge.

5) Keep Your Promises

What does it take to build long-lasting relationships with leads, turn them into owners, continue doing business with them, perhaps rent the purchased property, get referrals, and become their go-to Broker? It’s a Matter of Trust, which begins when you start fulfilling small commitments. Did you say you will call back, send information over, or meet them for viewing? Keeping your words and fulfilling your promises on time shows you are committed and reliable. If you couldn’t complete the task for any reason, be respectful, and inform in advance.

We are here to help you with every step of the process, so continue reading. You will find some answers in other New Brokers Training lessons. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, Ask HERE.

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