7 Free Ways to Find Properties to List

7 Free Ways to Find Properties to List

What are the ways to generate property listings in Dubai? Step-by-step guide for Dubai Real Estate Brokers.

To start generating business, you need to generate listings. You must now figure out a way to reach out to the owners who are selling or renting their properties at this time.

How to find Property Listings?

There are many known ways to search for property listings. Every company or Broker has their own way. This is a hard task initially, but eventually, if you plan well, specialize, and create exposure in your area, you should start receiving listings because you are an established specialist, and your services are needed. Here are 6 ways (7th cold calling but is illegal) that will help you get started:

1) Via Area Inspection

The proven and beneficial method and the right thing to do when you are getting started. Visit the area you chose regularly and get familiar with every building and every attraction or business. At the same time, talk to people:

  • Securities
  • Building Management
  • Owners Association Managers
  • Community Managers
  • Community Center’s Personnel
  • Developers (Sometimes developers office is located in the building and they might still have units for sale or rent)

By being out there and talking to those groups of people, you will learn so much, whether it is establishing a connection or handling rejection. This is a must-have experience you don’t have to skip.

2) Via B2B

Business to business is a great method to generate listings. Yet, not many people take advantage of it, probably because it is an active, on foot job just like the area inspection. It involves knocking on doors, meeting people, asking, and requires time and effort. But if you do it right, you could end up with more listings than you can handle. Here are three great ways:

  1. Company-owned properties: A lot of companies invest in properties by floors and even buildings. This why it is important that you study your area well, and you know who the developer is and who owns full buildings. As you go for Area Inspection, you could be setting meetings and visiting offices, and doing so could result in multiple listings at once.
  1. Become a strategic partner: Get more referrals via a strategic partnership. You can collaborate with business owners and representatives to exchange referrals or work on a commission share basis. Think out of the box. Who else works with Property Owners?
    • Fit-out/Interior designers
    • Furniture companies
    • Landscape companies
    • Mortgage Providers
    • Insurance brokers
    • Lawyers
  1. Team up with other Property Brokers: Build and maintain relationships with other brokers in your area and those who work with similar properties to your listings. When you have a lead who needs to see options, you can turn to them and share the deal than losing it at all. It is very important that you work with integrity and choose to work with those who have a good reputation and trustworthy.

3) Via Online Search

We are online more than ever, and there are multiple platforms to reach your target audience. Here are few Free and Effective ways that applicable to Dubai Brokers;  

  • Portals
    • Some portals allow Owners to list direct; search by selecting the source of a listing as Direct Owner/Landlord and you will find few ads. Contact them. It might be challenging to get them to agree to list with you, after all, there is a reason for listing direct skipping a Broker, right? Wrong, reasons are always different (unless they put a note in the description), never prejudge, just ask. This is your chance to practice your negotiation skills and learn to overcome objections.
  • Social Media Platforms
    • Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are good platforms to get started with. Any content you post on Instagram gets shared to your Facebook account too, it’s super simple, and LinkedIn is a must-have for any business professional. Create posts targeting property owners in the first place. Be active posting attractive property photos and videos from your site visits; tell a story on camera. There are so many subjects you could cover just from your daily work experience. Use relevant hashtags.
  • Create your own Website/Blog
    • Why not brand yourself if you are in it to win it? Building a website became easy with site builders and you can try it out with free versions too. Drag and drop features allow you to put up a site in a matter of minutes. Information you must have on your site is the About page, Contact details, and a Blog with your listings. Create blog posts targeting sellers and landlords. If you are creating videos, post them there too. A lot of Dubai property owners are foreigners out of the county. When they have a question, they search the internet. Provide some valuable information that could answer their questions. There is a great opportunity here. How to get started with site-building? Stay-tuned, we are working on providing you with valuable tips and tricks to create your own site soon.
  • International Portals
    • Place an ad on international Portals. There are so many international portals that offer free ad spaces. Even if it’s one free ad space, it’s good enough. Create an ad targeting owners to offer your services to rent and sell their property in Dubai. Again, so many investors outside Dubai don’t know how to rent and make income or don’t know how to get started and whom to talk to. If you create maximum exposure, you are sure to get a result.

4) Via Your Company

Ask your management; there might be unallocated listings you can work with or expired listings you can call up and relist. They can give you a push by promoting your services via the company mailing list and social campaigns.

5) Referrals

Always ask! The most reliable source of free, quality listings/leads. Ask every client you talk to if they have friends or a family member planning to sell or rent their property. Referrals cost you nothing. All you have to do is provide excellent service/information and stay connected to ensure that you’re top of mind when they or someone they know need a Real Estate Broker.

6) Via Connections

Talk to friends, relatives, and people you know. Most successful brokers are those who have the most connections or those who know how to build them. “Your network is your net worth.”

7) Via Cold Calling

What is Cold Calling? Cold calling is an attempt to seek business from a potential customer, who may not know about you or your company, in other words – making an unsolicited call. Does it work? – Yes, but, not as effective as it used to in old days. Can you do it – NO, Cold Calling is ILLEGAL in Dubai, therefore this is not an option here. However, be aware and read more as you will hear a lot about it.

We are here to help you with every step of the process, so continue reading. You will find some answers in other New Brokers Training lessons. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, Ask HERE.

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