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Find a Property to List.

If you are a New Broker and still wondering how to find properties to list, check out the Trainings Page > Lesson 5 titled: 7 Free Ways to Find Properties to List. dubai brokers community platform clip art number 2

Find out full Property Information/Listing Details.

Questions to keep in mind during a listing call with the Landlord:

  1. Price – Find out the desired price and do a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine a market price.
  1. Cheques – How many Cheques? Is the price negotiable on cheques quantity
  1. Occupancy Status – Already vacant, or when will it be vacant?
  1. Condition – Upgraded, New Handover, Renovated, etc.
  1. Furnishing – Is it furnished, semi-furnished, or unfurnished?
  1. Cooling – AC provided by Cooling Provider or DEWA, if Cooling provider, what are the charges per month approx?
  1. Parking – Find out if the Property has covered/dedicated parking, Number of Parking lots, etc.
  1. Keys – Find out the Keys location.
  1. Media Files – Visit the site and take quality Photos and Video. Even If you have a Company Photographer to do the job, still be there to inspect the property for accurate pricing and learn more about the property details and key selling points such as View, Pool, etc.
  1. Floor plan – A floor plan is an essential part of a well-described Listing.
  1. Title deed copy – Required by RERA’s Trakheesi system for issuance of Advertising Permit.
  1. NOC – Ask the landlord to send you an email expressing his consent/permitting you to list his property. This too required by Trakheesi for Advertisement Permit.
  1. Landlord Details – Ensure you have the Landlord’s correct Email address, Mobile number, Passport copy, and Visa copy. (Representative details with POA (Power of Attorney) if applicable).

Additionally for Commercial Properties

  1. Gas – Find out about gas connection. If yes, what are the costs involved?
  1. Electrical load Schedule – Ask about the Electrical load Schedule/Capacity.
  1. Permitted Business Activities – Ask which business activities allowed on the premises. dubai brokers community platform clip art 3

Property Inspection/Photoshoot

After the owner accepts to list with you, visit the property, note the advantages and disadvantages, upgrade, or furnishings that could reflect the price. Also, note if any fixing or touch-ups required, and communicate to the owner.

Dubai properties are fairly new, and you might not come across structural problems, but things like old paint, holes in the walls, broken door handles, or damaged lights make the property less attractive or even affect the price and renting speed. 

It is your job to educate the owner about these points and ask them to ensure repairs and cleaning is done to speed up the process and protect the price.

Take a note of nearest amenities: Schools, Malls, Public transport stations, etc., and If you are taking photos, photograph the service areas such as: Swimming pool, Fitness Club, Sauna, Steam Room, etc. dubai brokers community platform 4

Create Listing on CRM

Write a listing that Sells!

The quality of your listing could give you an edge over your competitors. Not to lose potential prospects to a better-showcased listing, you must make sure to give your best each time.

  1. Title – Include the key selling points in the title, short and clear. Leave out the super basic information that is already visible on top. For example; By default, Portals highlight the Number of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and the Size right on top, which will appear below the title. Highlighting them in the title might visually appear repetitive. Instead, you can use the space to provide value-adding information such as Layout Type, View, Upgrades, Uniqueness of the property, Urging message, or any other Key selling points.
  1. Featured Photo – Obviously, the house’s best part should go on to represent the whole property. If you do not have a good shot, using a floor plan is better than using a generic photo.
  1. Description – Stand out by writing a unique description that tells the story of the property. Brokers often make the mistake of creating a listing with generic photos and description, which gives the audience the feeling that it is a fake listing. Avoid copy-pasting from other online sources, instead, write your own copy and the kind of description that is clear and answers questions of a Property seeker. If there are any upgrades done, describe them in detail. If it is furnished, provide Brand names, etc. Ask the seller what they love about the property, tell their story. Provide more facts and value. For example; Instead of saying close to schools and malls, you can mention which school or mall and how many kilometres away and how long time it takes, etc. Reach a high score on Portals according to their requirements. Monitor your ranking by checking reports from time to time and keep testing new descriptions to keep improving.

If you have an Attractive Title and Featured Image, more people will likely open your listing to read its description and view the rest of the photos. If you have an attractive description and accurate photos, it is more likely that you will have more inquiries and viewings. dubai brokers community platform 5

Handle inquiries

Establish their needs by asking questions. Here are some examples:

For Residential Leasing

  1. Are you inquiring for yourself or your client? (Always clarify if you are talking to client or agent if agent, keep A2A form in mind (Agent to Agent form which is Form I by RERA terms)
  1. When would you like to move in? (People often start searching for options a few months before their existing lease ends. If you can find out accurate information, you can save time and provide useful information to help them understand the current market rates and keep in touch to close them when ready to sign.)
  1. Do you have a valid Residence Visa? (By law, only residents can sign a long term lease)
  1. How many people will be occupying the property? (Comply with Landlord’s requirements)
  1. Do you have pets? (Be aware, a lot of buildings have a ‘No Pet’ policy)
  1. What properties have you viewed so far? (Avoid showing what they have already seen)
  1. What other areas they would consider and why? (Keep options in mind)

Questions to keep in mind for Commercial Leasing

  1. What is the Nature of Business Activity? (Ensure the property matches their requirement and the business activity is allowed on the premises.)
  1. Do you have an Initial Approval yet or Trade License in place? (Commercial properties can be leased to companies only)
  1. What is the Required Electric Load Capacity? (This is important especially for shops, restaurants, and warehouses.)
  1. Do you have a requirement for Gas connection? (Restaurants and commercial warehouses may require Gas connection)
  1. What is the Desired contract start date?
  1. What is the desired length of the rent? 

Find out as much as you can to better understand the client’s needs and to comply with the Building’s/Landlord’s preference. Read more about Handling Inquiries in Lesson-8 titled 5 Tips for Handling Property Listing Inquiries dubai brokers community 6

Arrange viewings

  • Make sure the property is still available.
  • Make sure you have the keys/access to the property.
  • Inform the clients about the required documents and security deposit cheque. (Incase if they like the property they should be able to secure it after the viewing.)
  • Finalize, remind, reconfirm, and prevent no show.
  • Refresh your knowledge and be ready to answer questions and close objections.
  • Send accurate location information.
  • Arrive before the clients.

Read more about conducting Viewings in the Lesson-9 titled 12 Tips for Mastering Property Viewings dubai brokers community clip art 7

Offer & Negotiation

If they like the property and If you have informed them about the required documents and security deposit in advance, now all you have left to do is ask for the security deposit cheque and passport copy, so you can proceed to contacting the owner with an offer. Once the owner accepts the offer, you can now proceed to drafting the tenancy contract. dubai real estate brokers community clip art 8

Tenancy Contract

Things you need from both parties for the tenancy contract and to close the deal:

From Landlord

  1. Title Deed copy
  1. Passport copy of the Landlord
  1. Passport copy of the POA if you dealing with a legal representative (Note: POA must be no older than 2 years.)
  1. Contact information
  1. Keys
  1. Location of Parking lot/lots
  1. DEWA number – You can ask for the latest DEWA bill copy which will have the information or, DEWA premises numbers also can be found on the property entrance door frame.

From Tenant

  1. Passport copy with Visa page (Remember: No residence visa, no contract!)
  1. Security Deposit Cheque = 5% (if property is furnished or commercial them = 10%)
  1. Rent Cheque Copies
  1. Commission Cheque Copy 
  1. Contact information

If Commercial

  1. Trade license copy/initial approval copy
  1. Passport copy with page and the Emirates ID copy of the Owner or the Authorized Signatory (who’s name is mentioned on the License or the Initial Approval).

Let the tenant sign first so you can take the signed contract along with the security deposit cheque to the Landlord.

Once the Landlord signs and both parties receive their signed copies you can now handover all the cheques to the landlord and keys to the tenant. dubai real estate brokers community clip art 9

After Care

After-care is an important aspect of the business which only a handful of Brokers pay attention to. This is how you grow a loyal client database and generate more income in the future. Start by Providing valuable information that will make the process of moving-in easy.

  • Provide DEWA and Ejari guide so they know what to do and what to expect. Inform the tenant that the DEWA connection and Ejari registration are the responsibility of the Tenant. (remember and inform the tenants; without Ejari contract has no value by law and they can’t make residence visa for family members)
  • Inform them about the move-in rules of the building or the community so they dont face inconvenience. You can always find out Move-in procedure details from Security, Landlord, or the Building Management
  • Follow-up after they move-in to make sure everything is ok.
  • Once they are settled, you can now send them a thank you letter and let them know you are ready to help if they know anyone else who might need a Real Estate Broker.
  • Keep them on your potential buyers’ list and send them good deals or easy payment plan properties etc. Keep in mind that most end-user buyers are those who are tired of renting.

We are here to help you with every step of the process, so continue reading. You will find some answers in other New Brokers Training lessons. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, Ask HERE.

Disclaimer: This process guide is courtesy of Information provided here is based on personal experiences and should be used with caution. Dubai Land Department and RERA rules and regulations are updated regularly, be advised to consider double-checking any information provided online with the Dubai Land Department customer service line before offering to your clients. We do our best to keep training materials up to date, check back periodically for news and updates. If you shall use this material for your employees, you can do so by sharing the page link or using its content while on the website. Copying, downloading and commercial distribution is prohibited unless permitted in writing.