Ksenia Myasnikova

Introduction to Blonde Properties

Hello dear colleagues!

Zaroof seems to be an outstanding platform to gain real estate knowledge, networks, and help each other as a team with long term success in the diversified real estate market.

Honored to be the first one to post here!

So let me start by introducing myself and what I do.

I’m Xenia Myasnikova, a Russian who spent 15 years in Dubai real estate and own my personal growth, experience, and who I am today to this place.

During those 15 years, I have worked for numerous large developers, real estate companies in sales, rentals, bulk investment portfolios, and now have established my own international property company. I work with several countries where I have great partnerships and varieties of hand-picked properties that I promote.

I will be glad to share my Dubai and International knowledge and work in a team if you have clients for my properties.

Best of Luck and Let’s grow together with Zaroof ?



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