Sale Transfer Fee Calculator

property size as per title deed in sq. ft.
selling price in AED
4% of the sale price in Manager’s Cheque to DLD
580 AED if apartment, villa or + 430 AED if Land
2,000 AED If sale value 500,000 and AED 4,000 AED if above + 5% VAT
agreed commission amount in AED + 5% VAT
service charge rate per sq. ft.
total service charge cost per year in AED
service charge paid for the year in advance
procated amount in to be reimbursed to the seller.
security deposit the seller received from the
rent amount collected from the tenant by the seller
rent amount to be transferred to the buyer
security deposit amount to be transferred to the buyer
Required Documents: 1) Original title Deed. 2) Original NOC from Developer.
3) MOU Sale agreement form-F. 4)Original passport, visa, Emirates ID (seller and buyer).
Land Department Fees: 4% from selling price + 580 AED If Apartment, Villa (or + 430 AED If Land. Managers Chq.)
Registration Trustee Fees: 4,000 AED + 200 AED (5%VAT) if the price of the property equal or more than 500,000 AED.
(2,000 AED + 100 AED (5%VAT) if the price of the property less than 500,000 AED).