Make Motivation a Habit

Make Motivation a Habit

Motivation is what gets you startedHabit is what keeps you going.”

Jim Ryun

Getting started in any field is mainly exciting. New starters are energetic, enthusiastic, and eager to learn and work hard. However, in the business of real estate, getting started is very exciting but isn’t that easy, and things take time. As time goes by, that initial level of excitement and motivation starts fading and this affects your work and consequently affects your productivity. How to stay positive and motivated even During the Toughest Times?

Remember why you are here

Identify your main motivation, and keep reminding yourself of what pushed you to start as a Real Estate Broker in the first place. What is your goal – what do you want to achieve? What is your purpose – why do you want to achieve that goal?

The two main reasons people join Real Estate are; because they want to Make More Money and others like the idea of Being their Own Boss. Whatever got you in, you probably were excited and enthusiastic at that stage. Bring that feeling back by reminding yourself of your purpose from time to time.

Create a Goal-Oriented Routine.

A goal-oriented routine can help you stay on track even when the motivation wears off, you will have something to work towards. When we have a routine – we focus on doing things; when we don’t have a routine – we waste time and energy thinking what to do! (or worst, surfing on social media without a purpose, before you know it, the day is over) A day in a Real Estate Broker’s life is already full of surprises and unexpected events, it’s easy to get distracted and hard to stay on track unless you have a clear set of goals and tasks.

Besides handling incoming tasks such as attending calls and viewings, brokers invest time into fundamental works. So, write down everything you need to get done daily, weekly, such as marketing tasks, followups, CRM data entry, and admin works. Set a time in a day or day in a week for such tasks and follow that routine. A goal-oriented routine can be flexible, even if you miss doing it at a certain time, you can still do it soonest you can and get closer to your set goals. And as you accomplish more and more of those necessary tasks, you’ll feel better about yourself, and more satisfied with your level of productivity.

Make it a Habit

Stick to your routine until you form a set of habits. Easier said than done, right? Forming new habits is hard because of our built-in resistance to change. The good news is, it’s doable. Start by focusing on forming good habits and dont bother about eliminating bad habits, simply replace them with new ones so there is no time or room left for the rest.

To stop procrastination from taking over, always be reminded that you have to do it anyway, so instead of suffering from thinking about doing things tens of times in your head, do it once and get done with it. Take action and dont even think about it. Tell yourself, you will do the thinking and worrying after the task is done. “Just do it!” Again, easier said than done, but one thing is sure, if you really need it, you will do it. Because no one else will do it for you. You are the designer of your life and the CEO of your business.

As Steven Pressfield writes in his book titled The War of Art;

“At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.”

Steven Pressfield 

Better take the pain of doing it and enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

Many people wonder how they can become highly successful, not realizing that they hold within them everything they need to achieve all of the success they desire. Successful people are where they are today because of their habits.  

Habits determine 95% of a person’s behavior. Everything that you are today, and everything that you will ever accomplish, is determined by the quality of the habits that you form. By creating good habits and adopting positive behavior, you too can become successful and live a prosperous life.

Here are the 7 habits of successful people:

1) They are goal-oriented.

2) They are results-driven.

3) They are action-oriented.

4) They are people-oriented.

5) They are health-conscious.

6) They are honest.

7) They are self-disciplined.

Brian Tracy

Learn from Successful Entrepreneurs

Reading about how successful entrepreneurs got to where they are is a great way to help you stay motivated, and there is a lot you can learn from their mistakes. If you want to read and learn, everything is just few clicks away. There are so many free trainings and courses available online. Also, surround yourself with people with a Mindset for Success and Spend less time with energy vampires, no matter how closely related they are. Mindsets are contagious so is the attitude and the energy.

Where to go from here?

Keep reading, keep growing and feed your mind with information that will help you succeed. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to get motivated check out the Famous Books Below.

We are here to help you with every step of the process, Continue reading more training materials specifically designed to help you grow within the Dubai Real Estate Market. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, Ask HERE.

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